In today’s ever changing Healthcare environment, more challenges are placed on field and office clinicians. In addition to disease management, case managing, delegating, supervising, patient care and outcomes, field and office clinicians must now stay current with ever-changing OASIS rules, Medicare rules and regulations, compliance and accurate documentation. Adding accurate coding with its rules and guidelines limits time to effectively accomplish all of these challenges. Utilizing home care OASIS and coding specialists of Accurate Coding Plus LLC allows nurses to focus on clinician responsibilities along with home health Medicare compliance. Hence, allowing agencies to maintain costs by utilizing clinicians' time more effectively.


Advantage of Outsourcing

Due to ever changing Coding, OASIS and PPS rules, agencies are burdened with continued costs for in house coders to be updated every year. Also, with frequent turnover of in house staff, agencies are burdened with new staff training which adds more costs. Utilizing Accurate Coding Plus eliminates these costs by staying current with certifications that require updated Coding and OASIS knowledge.

In addition to no employee taxes, outsourcing also decreases costs of maintaining two employees by utilizing option of Coding + OASIS Review in one discounted rate.

Benefits of Accurate OASIS

Accurate OASIS Data Means Profits.

Optimized reimbursement consists of correct sequencing of codes and accurately answering OASIS-C M-items that contribute to Home Health Resource Group (HHRG).... 

Poor OASIS Data Means Audits and Denials....

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